Friday, January 1, 2010

Noodling at Wei Yip

There are many different variations of noodles. From textures, shapes and sizes to choosing the right sauces, ingredients and dishes to match it with. Some noodles are curly, some straight, some thin, some fat, some are served hot, some cold, some with soup, some dry and some whatever you want to serve it with- like Maggi instant noodles!

I'm a big fan of all things noodle-y. It's more 'fun' to chew & less fattening than rice (don't know where I got this crazy perception from... think it's called D.E.N.I.A.L).

A friend of mine just opened a new fish head noodle restaurant.Very near my place too. So, of course, I'm off to CHECK IT OUT! Rumors even had it that it's the same recipe as the very famous fish head noodle from Desa Petaling. Very enticing....

Served with awesome belacan...

Wei Yip Famous Fish Head Noodle Restaurant is the name. Located at SunwayMas Commercial Centre, right beside Aman Suria. Being new, this restaurant is definitely gaining popularity fast. Check out their lunch crowd.

Hungry lunch people.....

First up, Fried Sung Fish Head Noodles.

Sung Fish peeking out...

The soup is infused with such an aromatic taste of Chinese white wine that goes so well with the fish. The milky soup is very tasty with a hint of spicy-ness from fresh ginger strips. The noodles used (meehoon) is not the common meehoon that is used in most noodle dishes. Where those meehoon normally absorbs liquid very quickly, Wei Yip uses a certain kind that absorbs less soup. Yet, the meehoon is tasty with just enough soaked-up goodness it swims in. The fish, though fried, is tender and fresh. However, becareful when you bite into them cos' there are lots of tiny bones in between the flesh.

Raw Ling Fish Head Noodles

Because the fish in this dish is not fried, you get to enjoy the freshness of the fish even more. Also, the Ling fish has a more chewy texture as compared to the Sung fish and not as many bones.

The third dish is Fish Paste Noodles.


Instead of using actual fish, the fish flesh here is grounded with some flour and made into a chewy fish paste. You know how some fish paste or fish ball or anything of that sort tastes like it's just made out of 90% flour and 10% fish flesh? Well, this one is the opposite! You can actually taste fish and the texture is amazing. Soft with a bit of bounce. Best thing about this fish paste option is, it's CONVENIENT TO EAT! No bones...

Last but not least, the ultimate dish of Wei Yip Restaurant.

Fresh Water Prawn Fried Ling Fish Head Noodles

LOVE THE SOUP!!! The soup becomes a concentrated concoction of milky fish broth, Chinese white wine, fresh ginger strips coupled together with condense flavor from the prawns. So so tasty! The big head prawns used in this dish is a great idea because this variety of prawns has a got a lot of roe. When boiled, the amazing taste of prawn roe just goes into the soup, making it really sweet and tasty. The prawns are very fresh as well. Slightly overcook but could still taste the freshness nonetheless.

They don't only make sure their food is good, Wei Yip Restaurant also puts in an effort in their drinks section. Not like most places in Malaysia where the food is good but the drinks just tastes like sugar water.

From left to right: Chrysanthemum Tea, Barley Ginkgo & Ice Lemon Tea

Wei Yip Restaurant's concept is one of sticking strictly to traditional fish head recipe. A recipe that's been passed down from earlier generations and each time, the recipe is being perfected slowly and more carefully. I've always thought that a bowl of fish head noodle is more than comforting on a rainy, gloomy day.

Lovin' the soup!

At the moment, they cater for breakfast and lunch. But very soon, they'll be opened for dinner as well...with a totally different menu! Dinner menu will consist of home-cooked heartwarming dishes at a very reasonable price. Looking forward to that..Mmm...

Oh! On a totally random note, the place is pet-friendly! So, you can now enjoy your bowl of fish head noodle with your furry friend staring hungrily at you!

Wei Yip Famous Fish Head Restaurant
No.32 A-1, Jalan PJU 1/3D,
SunwayMas Commercial Centre,
47301. Petaling Jaya. Selangor.

03-7880 3173
Opening Hours: 8am-3.30pm daily.

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