Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All the Fats-tivities

It's been awhile since the last post. Not that I've stopped eating or lost interest in this activity...DEFINITELY NOT! In fact, been BUSY eating too much and collecting those food pictures that I so dread sorting through them. But, told myself that good things must be shared and finally managed to drag that growing-fat-ass of mine for an update.

The festive season is such a love-hate thing. LOVE because of the company and the FOOD, HATE because you start getting lazy, missing gym sessions, eating more and giving excuses that you'll start dieting (hate hate HATE).

On the bright side, you can be a total ignorant, barbaric b***h and stuff your face silly with good food and
drink like a tanker (my BFF-wong sing yee) and no one will judge you. SUPER AWESOME....

ehehe..couldn't resist doing that...

Christmas eve dinner menu: Roast turkey from Victoria Station,
Devils Eggs, Mash, Rosemary & Garlic Bread to dip in Oil & Vinegar,

Pasta salad, Stuffed Ground Beef Bell Peppers & Greens on the side.

The turkey was humongou-loid! With 6 of us, we only managed to chomp down a little less than half of it. Taste? Mmm...actually, of all the times I've had turkey, there was never once when I've gone, "WOW! Fabulous turkey!". The meat has always been a little on the tough & dry side and it doesn't easily absorb as much flavor as compared to chicken meat. Any recommendations for awesome-pawsome turkey? Would love to try! EMAIL ME!!

Turkey rear view...

The stuffing was quite good. Think it was stuffed with lots of sweet potatoes. I was totally amazed by the size of the turkey wing! Think it was almost 6 inches long!! Does the turkey fly well?? Ooopss...do they fly
at all?

Drie's very very yummy brownies

So, my friend Drie made these brownies from Jamie Oliver's FIFTEEN CHOCOLATE BROWNIE recipe. A lil' improvising here and there, and it was the most delicious brownies I've ever tasted! Beats Delicious hands down! *ahem*

This is Drie......who couldn't stop promoting her brownies..

The great food & good company wouldn't be as much fun without some good ol' christmas carols.....that came in ONE SKANKY COVER!

Must be Santa's new marketing gimmick...

Christmas day dinner was spent at Sango Japanese Restaurant at Crystal Crown Hotel. The food was.....ok. Pictures were bad cos' of overwhelming Glutton Spirit taking over.

California hand-rolls


Unagi & Sashimi Set

Mini Sukiyaki Hotpot- a tad bit too sweet

Cherry Blossom Ice-cream

Very interesting-sounding ice-cream. And they actually used real cherry blossoms (sakura) to make this light pink delight. Mmm...expected the taste to be something totally unexpected but it tasted just like vanilla ice-cream...

Boxing day was another pig out session. Meat galore for lunch at Tom, Dick & Harry's and wine and dine at Vintry for dinner.

Meat meat meat & MORE MEAT!

Ehhhh...don't judge from the picture. The food tastes much better than it looks here. Couldn't take a proper picture cos' the people I was with, I tell you, seemed like they haven't eaten days. So, no good picture for this one.

Vintry's Cheese Platter: Goat's cheese, Manchego, Another
cheese which I can't remember what it's called, Dried Apricots,
Walnuts, Raisins, Grapes & Toast.

Deep-fried Calamari with Thai Mayo

So, that pretty much sums up my 24th, 25th & 26th. Lots of eating, crazy laughters & wonderful presents! How much eating did you do?

I so need to go on a detox program now.

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