Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tom, Dick & Harry's 2

To commemorate the revival of this blog, the first food post should be something epic too, shouldn't it?

Gonna let you in on a little gem of mine-my most favorite hangout spot, the pla
ce where I'll be holding my mug of beer every Friday night, most Saturday nights and even occasionally, Sunday morning too for their scrumptious BIG breakfast.

This is the place where friends meet to catch up after a week's worth of w
ork, colleagues come together to b**ch about their anal boss and gossip about that hot new girl in office, families visit to spend a quality Sunday morning eating breakfast together, dog lovers and dogs meet (yes, it's pet-friendly!) and of course, this is undoubtedly THE place pretty girls *ahem* and dashing men come to be seen.

Got you interested enough?


EVERYONE'S favorite neighborhood pub!

The first outlet in Taman Tun started about a year and a half ago. Gaining immense popularity in just a short period of time and wanting to solve the problem of overflowing customers, the owners of Tom, Dick & Harry's decided that it was time they expanded.

So, Tom, Dick & Harry's is proud to bring you......


Tom, Dick & Harry's 2!

TDH's tagline- Mou Man Tai (means 'No problem!' in Cantonese)

Well-trained staff on the taps

Located at Scott Garden in Old Klang Road, TDH 2 is all about bringing you a casual, comfortable, easy-going place to drink and dine. Having bigger perimeters, TDH 2 can now accommodate all you hefty numbers.

And you'll be delighted to know they serve a number of international beers on the tap such as Franziskaner, Connor's, Blackthorn Cider, Stella Artois, Erdinger, Hoeegarden and Tetley's to name a few. Fresh-tasting liquid goodness!

Having a fresh pint of Erdinger

It was their pre-launched event for bloggers three nights ago and we were definitely happy campers that night. Thanks for the invite!

Shaun, Kelvin & Keven

With Cyn

Carbonara was really good. Creamy with salty bacon bits

We were all served a good mixed platter of salad, chicken burger,
fish fingers, pigs in the blanket & really yummy chicken pie

Mmmm..porky fries (deep fried luncheon meat) was crispy on the
outside and chewy inside, a good accompaniment with beers

TDH is popular for their Chicken Crackers (deep fried chicken skin)

Poon is clearly enjoying his food

We were given a really nice gift to take home. TDH Passport holder!

Bruce (one of the owners of TDH) being..... himself

Tom, Dick & Harry's 2 will be having their official launch the WHOLE OF NEXT WEEK. Yes, you read that right. 5 days of promotion just for you TDH supporters and newcomers! The promotions are:

For Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4

And the finale, Day 5!

I'm sure Shaun (model above) has managed to illustrate what an awesome 5-day celebration it'll be! If you want to be part of history, you GOT to be at Tom, Dick & Harry's 2 on the
22nd of July 2011 to witness the LONGEST JAEGER BOMB TRAIN ever made! 1000 in total!

Don't tell us we didn't share the goodness. Be there or be square!

Tom, Dick & Harry's 2

Unit S-G-03A,
The Scott Garden,
Kompleks Rimbun Scott,

289, Jalan Kelang Lama,
58100 KL

Click HERE for full details of the launch!


It's about time to come back from that loooooooonggggg hiatus!

Could give a million and one reasons (more like excuses) why was dead for awhile, but to cut the long story short, IT IS BACK!!!

Realized that I really missed testing my own patience of snapping food photos ( much patience needed I tell you, especially when you're starving!) sharing my opinions about that particular dining experience, Googling about ingredients I haven't heard before, and best of all, receiving emails from people I don't know asking me about places I blogged about =)

To those of you who still checks on every now and then, hoping that there's a new post, thank you so much for your support and encouragement! Much, much, muchmuchmuch appreciated. It's now been revived and hopefully *fingers crossed* it'll stay alive and TANTALIZING for a long time.

So, readers, friends, supporters, loved ones, aunties and uncles, ladies and gentlemen, LET'S CONTINUE WITH THIS FORK-ING APPETIZING RIDE!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fong Chum Seafood

Sometimes, it really makes me wonder if the novelty of a certain place (and how FAR it is) adds on to the expectation of the food there. I mean, I always get so excited when someone tells me of this super 'ulu kampung' place and the good food they serve there and how not many people know of it.

Indirectly, it's less commercial.......

And....... less commercial = more attention to food quality + flavor

And this time round, those sky-high expectations did not come plummeting down- you know how when something is given so much hype and you have this, like, super-over-the-top expectations of it?

Well, as soon as I sucked on the first prawn head within my reach, I was smiling like an idiot.


Like, really good...

Steamed Tiger Prawns in Rice Wine

Mad love for the prawns. A definite 'Jizz In The Pants' category. Superbly fresh and done in perfect simplicity of ginger slices, shitake mushrooms, *Wolfberries, egg white, rice wine and a sprinkle of chopped spring onions. The soup was 'fantabulously' flavorful and the prawns still retained its slight bounciness.

And I don't know 'bout you, but I'm a BIG fan of prawn head! So high in cholesterol but oh, so tasty!

*Wolfberry is the small red thing you see floating around in the soup. A kind of Chinese herb and very popular in Chinese dishes as it gives a sweet taste (aka 'Kei Chi' in Chinese).

Steamed Crab in Rice Wine

This was another gorgeous dish. I can't remember the last time I had such fresh crabs! The flesh was tender and slightly chewy. Though the ingredients used to flavor the crabs were almost the same as the prawns, but you'll be surprised to know that they don't taste the same!

The prawns' soup was slightly more salty and the one for the crabs were sweeter and should I say, more 'crabby'?

Oh oh!! And checkout those BEAUTIFUL crab roe!

Beautiful Crab Roe
(though picture quality is not so beautiful)
Steamed Lala in Rice Wine

You all must be wondering why we ordered all the sea creatures to be cooked in the same way with the same ingredients. Well, those that went for the meal that day prefer having their seafood steamed and cooked in the most simple method to savor the freshness of the seafood.

This includes ME.

It's not that I don't like buttered prawns, stir-fry lala or sweet and sour crab. I still eat them and I still enjoy their flavor but my favorite has still got to be steamed or baked! The individual flavors of each sea creature is more significant that way.

At least that's how I feel.

The lala was good too. Tender and not overly chewy. Oh! And not to forget, it's not sticky too. Had a very bad experience not too long ago eating lala that has this sticky, slimy substance to it. Puikk! to give a bit of variety to the 'all-steamed seafood' dishes...

Fei Zhou Fish with Crunchy Choy Poh
(Tilapia Fish with Crunchy Pickled Vegetable)

A very unique combination. Have never tried this anywhere before. Really liked how they deep-fried the choy poh to be super crunchy and combined with its salty-ness, is so appetizing with warm white rice! The fish was really fresh too.

Fish Head Curry

Can't remember what fish was used. This dish was not bad. Not one of my favorites for the day as the fish head had parts that were a bit too 'slimy' (the jelly-like stuff on all fish heads) for my liking. Nevertheless, the curry was scrumptious and good with rice too.

Deep-fried Salad Mantis Prawn

This was really quite good. I always thought that deep-fried stuff go really well with thick creamy sauce. The pineapple added inside really helped give an edge of brightness to the dish with it's sourness, making the dish less filling in a way.

And for dessert,

The Selangor Sweet or "Yan Kee" Pineapples

Apparently, these pineapples are only found around Klang area. Not sure when the season starts or end, but it's on season now. Super sweet and juicy! There are a few fruit stalls selling them on the way to and fro from the restaurant.

My One True Love

DURIANS! GLORIOUS GLORIOUS DURIANS! I'm a H-U-G-E fan/addict of this 'smelly', pungent fruit. Though I was stuffed to the brim, still had to wallop a few seeds of these.

Durian goes down a different passageway ok. So, no such thing as too full for durians.


Not a big fan of Langsat. Tried one and it was not bad. Tastes like....... an ordinary Langsat? Not much to comment about.

Well, going to Fong Chum proved to be a fruitful experience. Simple, fast and freshness-guaranteed. The only problem is directing others to get to the place. Tried Googling it to see if others have reviewed it before but to no avail!

Couldn't even get the exact address. All I know is that it's called Jalan Kapar Setia 20. So, try typing that into your GPS. If that fails too, you can call me or e-mail me and I'll try my best to give you the directions.

But to make it simpler, why don't you just take me there along and you won't have trouble looking for it?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Fat Bird-ie

Been passing by Big Fat Bird a couple of times as it's in my office area. Had a few lunch plans to eat there but it always got canceled. Finally got to try it one fine day with my 'wannabe-goth' girlfriend.

(Just a moment of thought: It'll be super funny to see an emo goth person grabbing a bite here! HAHA!)

Wanna see my 'goth' girlfriend?





Hence the word 'wannabe' attached on her forehead.
Love her to bits tho' =)

You wouldn't miss this place in the area as it's the ONLY charming thing here (except for another cafe). Believe me. The rest of the shops are just boring-looking, square-and-white office blocks or mamaks.

I loved the little 'birdie' mascot they have. The place is simple; white and clean and rather adorable.

I like how they have the bookshelves there. Gave it such a home-ly feel. One more thing I like:

Floor-to-ceiling chalkboard!

We heard that the place is popular with their sandwiches. And so, we ordered:

Turkey Ham Sandwich

Well, we definitely had much higher expectations for their sandwiches there. Afterall, that's what they're most popular for, right? For one, it looks like some sandwich made by Mummy at home.

(Wait. I think Mum's sandwiches looked better. At least they don't have brown, dead-looking veges in between!)

The lettuce looked kinda dead and they specially dedicated a whole layer in-between just for the veges. Eeeww...??

Makes one think that the 3rd slice of bread is there just to make the whole sandwich look bigger. This is called......CHEATING!

The sandwich tasted like any other ham sandwich would have tasted. Nothing special, nothing spectacularly different.

Lamb Goulash
Hungarian style tangy lamb stew with vegetables, sour cream and spaghetti

This dish was not too shabby. Lamb was rather tender and gravy was tasty enough. Would have preferred to have it with toasted bread though.

The food at Big Fat Bird is not exactly's alright. Not too bad for an 'office hour' mealtime.

Wouldn't mind grabbing something to drink and have a long-winded chat with the girls there as it's a dainty little quiet place.

Big Fat Bird Cafe

Unit G11, Block C,
Tropicana City Business Park,
47400, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Weekdays- 8am-6pm, Saturdays- 8am-3pm, Sundays- Open for events only

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Male Portraits Have Never Been This Yummy

My daily grind aka beloved office, together with Canon Malaysia organized a Male Portraits Workshop not too long ago at Concorde Hotel, KL. Was asked to emcee for the event just the day before. The horror!

Though with eyes as wide as saucer plates and mouth gaping open like a dead fish when boss told me, I guess it's a better job than being one of the 'behind-the-scenes' people carrying heavy stuff. HAHA!

Feedback from participants were more than satisfactory and the one thing everyone has to say, "It was more like a makan spree than a photography workshop!" The itinerary went like this:

8.30am - Breakfast
10.15am - Break (2nd round of breakfast)
12.30pm - Buffet Lunch
till 2.30pm
3.30pm - Tea (with chicken wings, thin-crust pizza, sausage rolls & an
assortment of Danish pastries)
5.15pm - END

Quite a mouthful that day, in between emcee-ing and chomping food down. Mmmm..LOVES!

Supposedly the 'highlight' of the day...

Cold, boiled prawns. My fav! Good thing it was fresh too!

Otak-otak stuffed in crab shells... really good!

Some duck thing which was REALLY yummy.....

Jelly fish

Didn't really love the desserts 'cept one or two. But they were all really pretty-looking......

Cherries simmered in dark red wine. Loved this.....

Couldn't believe the amount of food I gulped down that day. Could have been the jittery nerves?

Oh well... it was a good event nonetheless. Good job to all volunteers, participants, sponsors & of course, our beloved office.