Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tom, Dick & Harry's 2

To commemorate the revival of this blog, the first food post should be something epic too, shouldn't it?

Gonna let you in on a little gem of mine-my most favorite hangout spot, the pla
ce where I'll be holding my mug of beer every Friday night, most Saturday nights and even occasionally, Sunday morning too for their scrumptious BIG breakfast.

This is the place where friends meet to catch up after a week's worth of w
ork, colleagues come together to b**ch about their anal boss and gossip about that hot new girl in office, families visit to spend a quality Sunday morning eating breakfast together, dog lovers and dogs meet (yes, it's pet-friendly!) and of course, this is undoubtedly THE place pretty girls *ahem* and dashing men come to be seen.

Got you interested enough?


EVERYONE'S favorite neighborhood pub!

The first outlet in Taman Tun started about a year and a half ago. Gaining immense popularity in just a short period of time and wanting to solve the problem of overflowing customers, the owners of Tom, Dick & Harry's decided that it was time they expanded.

So, Tom, Dick & Harry's is proud to bring you......


Tom, Dick & Harry's 2!

TDH's tagline- Mou Man Tai (means 'No problem!' in Cantonese)

Well-trained staff on the taps

Located at Scott Garden in Old Klang Road, TDH 2 is all about bringing you a casual, comfortable, easy-going place to drink and dine. Having bigger perimeters, TDH 2 can now accommodate all you hefty numbers.

And you'll be delighted to know they serve a number of international beers on the tap such as Franziskaner, Connor's, Blackthorn Cider, Stella Artois, Erdinger, Hoeegarden and Tetley's to name a few. Fresh-tasting liquid goodness!

Having a fresh pint of Erdinger

It was their pre-launched event for bloggers three nights ago and we were definitely happy campers that night. Thanks for the invite!

Shaun, Kelvin & Keven

With Cyn

Carbonara was really good. Creamy with salty bacon bits

We were all served a good mixed platter of salad, chicken burger,
fish fingers, pigs in the blanket & really yummy chicken pie

Mmmm..porky fries (deep fried luncheon meat) was crispy on the
outside and chewy inside, a good accompaniment with beers

TDH is popular for their Chicken Crackers (deep fried chicken skin)

Poon is clearly enjoying his food

We were given a really nice gift to take home. TDH Passport holder!

Bruce (one of the owners of TDH) being..... himself

Tom, Dick & Harry's 2 will be having their official launch the WHOLE OF NEXT WEEK. Yes, you read that right. 5 days of promotion just for you TDH supporters and newcomers! The promotions are:

For Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4

And the finale, Day 5!

I'm sure Shaun (model above) has managed to illustrate what an awesome 5-day celebration it'll be! If you want to be part of history, you GOT to be at Tom, Dick & Harry's 2 on the
22nd of July 2011 to witness the LONGEST JAEGER BOMB TRAIN ever made! 1000 in total!

Don't tell us we didn't share the goodness. Be there or be square!

Tom, Dick & Harry's 2

Unit S-G-03A,
The Scott Garden,
Kompleks Rimbun Scott,

289, Jalan Kelang Lama,
58100 KL

Click HERE for full details of the launch!

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