Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Fat Bird-ie

Been passing by Big Fat Bird a couple of times as it's in my office area. Had a few lunch plans to eat there but it always got canceled. Finally got to try it one fine day with my 'wannabe-goth' girlfriend.

(Just a moment of thought: It'll be super funny to see an emo goth person grabbing a bite here! HAHA!)

Wanna see my 'goth' girlfriend?





Hence the word 'wannabe' attached on her forehead.
Love her to bits tho' =)

You wouldn't miss this place in the area as it's the ONLY charming thing here (except for another cafe). Believe me. The rest of the shops are just boring-looking, square-and-white office blocks or mamaks.

I loved the little 'birdie' mascot they have. The place is simple; white and clean and rather adorable.

I like how they have the bookshelves there. Gave it such a home-ly feel. One more thing I like:

Floor-to-ceiling chalkboard!

We heard that the place is popular with their sandwiches. And so, we ordered:

Turkey Ham Sandwich

Well, we definitely had much higher expectations for their sandwiches there. Afterall, that's what they're most popular for, right? For one, it looks like some sandwich made by Mummy at home.

(Wait. I think Mum's sandwiches looked better. At least they don't have brown, dead-looking veges in between!)

The lettuce looked kinda dead and they specially dedicated a whole layer in-between just for the veges. Eeeww...??

Makes one think that the 3rd slice of bread is there just to make the whole sandwich look bigger. This is called......CHEATING!

The sandwich tasted like any other ham sandwich would have tasted. Nothing special, nothing spectacularly different.

Lamb Goulash
Hungarian style tangy lamb stew with vegetables, sour cream and spaghetti

This dish was not too shabby. Lamb was rather tender and gravy was tasty enough. Would have preferred to have it with toasted bread though.

The food at Big Fat Bird is not exactly's alright. Not too bad for an 'office hour' mealtime.

Wouldn't mind grabbing something to drink and have a long-winded chat with the girls there as it's a dainty little quiet place.

Big Fat Bird Cafe

Unit G11, Block C,
Tropicana City Business Park,
47400, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Weekdays- 8am-6pm, Saturdays- 8am-3pm, Sundays- Open for events only

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