Thursday, June 24, 2010

Male Portraits Have Never Been This Yummy

My daily grind aka beloved office, together with Canon Malaysia organized a Male Portraits Workshop not too long ago at Concorde Hotel, KL. Was asked to emcee for the event just the day before. The horror!

Though with eyes as wide as saucer plates and mouth gaping open like a dead fish when boss told me, I guess it's a better job than being one of the 'behind-the-scenes' people carrying heavy stuff. HAHA!

Feedback from participants were more than satisfactory and the one thing everyone has to say, "It was more like a makan spree than a photography workshop!" The itinerary went like this:

8.30am - Breakfast
10.15am - Break (2nd round of breakfast)
12.30pm - Buffet Lunch
till 2.30pm
3.30pm - Tea (with chicken wings, thin-crust pizza, sausage rolls & an
assortment of Danish pastries)
5.15pm - END

Quite a mouthful that day, in between emcee-ing and chomping food down. Mmmm..LOVES!

Supposedly the 'highlight' of the day...

Cold, boiled prawns. My fav! Good thing it was fresh too!

Otak-otak stuffed in crab shells... really good!

Some duck thing which was REALLY yummy.....

Jelly fish

Didn't really love the desserts 'cept one or two. But they were all really pretty-looking......

Cherries simmered in dark red wine. Loved this.....

Couldn't believe the amount of food I gulped down that day. Could have been the jittery nerves?

Oh well... it was a good event nonetheless. Good job to all volunteers, participants, sponsors & of course, our beloved office.


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