Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fong Chum Seafood

Sometimes, it really makes me wonder if the novelty of a certain place (and how FAR it is) adds on to the expectation of the food there. I mean, I always get so excited when someone tells me of this super 'ulu kampung' place and the good food they serve there and how not many people know of it.

Indirectly, it's less commercial.......

And....... less commercial = more attention to food quality + flavor

And this time round, those sky-high expectations did not come plummeting down- you know how when something is given so much hype and you have this, like, super-over-the-top expectations of it?

Well, as soon as I sucked on the first prawn head within my reach, I was smiling like an idiot.


Like, really good...

Steamed Tiger Prawns in Rice Wine

Mad love for the prawns. A definite 'Jizz In The Pants' category. Superbly fresh and done in perfect simplicity of ginger slices, shitake mushrooms, *Wolfberries, egg white, rice wine and a sprinkle of chopped spring onions. The soup was 'fantabulously' flavorful and the prawns still retained its slight bounciness.

And I don't know 'bout you, but I'm a BIG fan of prawn head! So high in cholesterol but oh, so tasty!

*Wolfberry is the small red thing you see floating around in the soup. A kind of Chinese herb and very popular in Chinese dishes as it gives a sweet taste (aka 'Kei Chi' in Chinese).

Steamed Crab in Rice Wine

This was another gorgeous dish. I can't remember the last time I had such fresh crabs! The flesh was tender and slightly chewy. Though the ingredients used to flavor the crabs were almost the same as the prawns, but you'll be surprised to know that they don't taste the same!

The prawns' soup was slightly more salty and the one for the crabs were sweeter and should I say, more 'crabby'?

Oh oh!! And checkout those BEAUTIFUL crab roe!

Beautiful Crab Roe
(though picture quality is not so beautiful)
Steamed Lala in Rice Wine

You all must be wondering why we ordered all the sea creatures to be cooked in the same way with the same ingredients. Well, those that went for the meal that day prefer having their seafood steamed and cooked in the most simple method to savor the freshness of the seafood.

This includes ME.

It's not that I don't like buttered prawns, stir-fry lala or sweet and sour crab. I still eat them and I still enjoy their flavor but my favorite has still got to be steamed or baked! The individual flavors of each sea creature is more significant that way.

At least that's how I feel.

The lala was good too. Tender and not overly chewy. Oh! And not to forget, it's not sticky too. Had a very bad experience not too long ago eating lala that has this sticky, slimy substance to it. Puikk! to give a bit of variety to the 'all-steamed seafood' dishes...

Fei Zhou Fish with Crunchy Choy Poh
(Tilapia Fish with Crunchy Pickled Vegetable)

A very unique combination. Have never tried this anywhere before. Really liked how they deep-fried the choy poh to be super crunchy and combined with its salty-ness, is so appetizing with warm white rice! The fish was really fresh too.

Fish Head Curry

Can't remember what fish was used. This dish was not bad. Not one of my favorites for the day as the fish head had parts that were a bit too 'slimy' (the jelly-like stuff on all fish heads) for my liking. Nevertheless, the curry was scrumptious and good with rice too.

Deep-fried Salad Mantis Prawn

This was really quite good. I always thought that deep-fried stuff go really well with thick creamy sauce. The pineapple added inside really helped give an edge of brightness to the dish with it's sourness, making the dish less filling in a way.

And for dessert,

The Selangor Sweet or "Yan Kee" Pineapples

Apparently, these pineapples are only found around Klang area. Not sure when the season starts or end, but it's on season now. Super sweet and juicy! There are a few fruit stalls selling them on the way to and fro from the restaurant.

My One True Love

DURIANS! GLORIOUS GLORIOUS DURIANS! I'm a H-U-G-E fan/addict of this 'smelly', pungent fruit. Though I was stuffed to the brim, still had to wallop a few seeds of these.

Durian goes down a different passageway ok. So, no such thing as too full for durians.


Not a big fan of Langsat. Tried one and it was not bad. Tastes like....... an ordinary Langsat? Not much to comment about.

Well, going to Fong Chum proved to be a fruitful experience. Simple, fast and freshness-guaranteed. The only problem is directing others to get to the place. Tried Googling it to see if others have reviewed it before but to no avail!

Couldn't even get the exact address. All I know is that it's called Jalan Kapar Setia 20. So, try typing that into your GPS. If that fails too, you can call me or e-mail me and I'll try my best to give you the directions.

But to make it simpler, why don't you just take me there along and you won't have trouble looking for it?


lambobo said...

The only place I've tried choy bou steamed fish was in Alor Setar. Been dreaming of this dish ever since hahah where is this place? Selangor? Roughly around..?

SHE EATS said...

haha..can totally understand why! such a great combination! This place is in Klang. Try googling Jalan Kapar Setia 20 into your GPS.

Nikel Khor said...

all the food seem nice..but have to wait for so long time

Evan said...

can u share where exactly fong chum is ?