Thursday, December 3, 2009

BAH-NA-NAH Leaf Rice.

Everytime when there are plans to eat banana leaf rice, my stomach starts to rumble and I can actually feel myself growing hungrier and hungrier.

And when I reach there and the smell of fried chicken, fried
sotong (calamari), ikan goreng (fried fish) and all the different kinds of curry you can think of hits my nostrils, OHMYGUT, I tell you, the Glutton Spirit in me just seems so ready to put both hands together and start worshiping.

In this case, my hands are used to eat and worshiping means chomping down on the food
like a composting machine.Don't know why, but the smell of curry seems to make a hungry person feel hungrier. Do you guys get that too or is it just me?

So, this trip was to the famous Kanna Curry House.

As soon as you sit down, a dozen waiters will be swarming all over you, dispensing the
essential 'items' such as the banana leaf, white rice, the three different kinds of vegetables (curried long beans, stir-fry cabbage & raw cucumber in yoghurt milk), a selection of curries to choose from (chicken, mutton, beef, crab, fish etc.) and of course, the very important papadom- the cracker-like thing in the picture which is made of flour and spices deep-fried to a crunch!

One can't help but feel so overly pampered by all the fuss going on just so you can eat your lunch.

Going to Kanna Curry House with this bunch of regulars means ordering an awful lot on the table. Our usual extra dishes (besides the essentials) would be the fried
sotong, mutton curry, sambal prawns, fried chicken and fried fish.

Yes. We tend to be very greedy when we're there. How can you help it when you're greeted by a BIG frying
kuali (similar to a Chinese wok) smack in the front of the restaurant and knowing that everything is fried-on-the-spot upon ordering? Totally overwhelming.

Fried sotong

Besides our all-time favorite fried
sotong, another dish simply tops it all. Though not many can come to terms with its grainy texture, it more than makes up for its amazing taste.

This is it.

Fried Fish Roe
*Picture not taken well cos Glutton Spirit was too overwhelming

The fried fish roe has a sort of a thin tight skin (like a sac) holding in all the little tiny granules. It's a granular explosion as soon as you take the first bite. It'll be in-between your teeth, stuck somewhere under your gums and basically, in every nook and cranny it can find its way through. Awesome experience.

Kanna Curry House is a really popular place. I even heard that tour buses will arrive with a throng of camera-holding, fisherman-cap-wearing tourists. The place must be really good or just another over-popularized destination.

But for now, I must say it's definitely worth a visit.

*p/s- If you plan to eat with your hands, do cut your nails first cos' it's totally unhygienic and the curry smell will stay on your fingers for at least 2 days!

Kanna Curry House Restaurant
No 29, Jalan 17/45, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia.
03-7958 4814
Opening Hours- 7am to 11pm daily

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