Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beefed-up Lovin' at Las Vacas

A burger fanatic friend introduced us to this place. He was giving us the non-stop raving bout' Las Vacas and their burgers and well, being human after all, we could only take so much of that endless promoting. To put an end to it, a couple of us decided to finally check it out and really, it was utterly F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.

A little deli slash kitchen. I love how the whole place is just so tiny and intimate, so darn cosy. There were only probably 5 small tables in the place itself. The deco is simple with red-painted walls and white-and-red checked table cloths. Everything is simply unpretentious; no extravagance or exaggeration and I love it like that.

No frills, just you and your steak.

It feels like as though you were invited for dinner at someone's kitchen and you can just predict a hearty recipe being concocted in the boiling pot.

The menu is rather minimal, and in cases like these, it's either the food is really good or, really darn bad. But I had FAITH and it proved to be fruitful.

Las Vacas Beef Burger

The picture so doesn't do justifications to the actual thing. Real life, it's 'GINORMOUS'! All burgers come with a choice of lamb/beef, bacon/no bacon and 150gm/250gm patty. Though I still managed to lick the plate clean, his 150gm patty was a little bit big for me. For you monstrous boys, try the 250gm patty.

This, my friends, is the 250gm beef patty with bacon. It is a 100% pure meat and a 100% HUGE! The patty was tasty and succulent but the bacon strips were a bit dry. Presentation was a WOW-ing factor cos' of its size.

Sirloin Grass Fed

I've never had such a good piece of steak in a long, long time. Always liked my steak to be done medium-rare and the chef did this perfectly. Succulent, juicy, tasty and sweet. Such a wonderful experience.

There's all the cuts to choose from and you can also select your 'moo-moo' that was grass-fed or grain-fed. Owner, Freddy recommended the grass-fed sirloin as the meet is sweeter and it has my favorite layer of fats. I was a happy customer!

Mini Meat Tarts

Instead of your standard 'minced' meat pies/tarts, this tart-lings have chunky bite-sized beef cooked in brown sauce. A rather tasty quick bite, cheap too!

Chocolate Mousse

Tried the mousse for dessert. Not too bad, not too great either. Will definitely try the apple strudel next time.

The price? ABSOLUTELY CRAZY PRICE RANGE! The steak only costs RM15!! The burgers range from Rm12-RM18 depending on the size and choice of meat. The mini meat tarts were only RM2 each and the chocolate mousse was around RM7-9?

Enough to get you going?

Las Vacas
23, Jalan SS5A/11,
47301. Kelana Jaya,
Selangor. Malaysia.


Opening Hours: 8.30am-8pm daily (kitchen closed on Wednesday & Saturday)

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