Friday, March 5, 2010


OK. So I headed to Las Vacas again today for lunch.......and it was one-hell-of-an EXPERIENCE!! Don't know if it's a good one or a bad one, but once my friend and I got into the car, we burst out our stupidity that is...

I mentioned that the Grass Fed Sirloin Stea
k I had the other day was RM15. Actually, more like RM15 per 100gm!

Can totally justify this though.

Cos the last time I was there, the bill was not very expensive and of course, looking at this I did not check the items on the bill. Thus, not knowing how much that slab actually cost, all the while thinking it must have been RM15.

Today was a whole different matter. My friend ordered the Grain Fed Ribeye Angus and I ordered the Grain Fed Ribeye Premium.

Printed price- Angus= RM28, Premium=RM18.

So, we ordered not knowing the price was PER 1
00GM and when the slabs came, we girls were ecstatic! Such a BIG piece and only so cheap.....?? Ooooohhhh...we were happy....VERY VERY happy.......

Till we went to the cashier and the bill was RM143!! We were like "wattttt...wrong bill wrong bill...must be wrong bill".... But it was not.

As the girl who took our orders DID NOT tell us that she was going to serve us a 300+ gm of slab and that the printed price was actually per 100gm, we were totally GOBSMACKED-PUNCH-IN-THE-FACE shocked!

We didn't make a big hoo-hah though. Just played it cool till we reached the car and burst out laughing. Like, what the hell was that all about? Should we be angry or annoyed at our own stupidity and ignorance?

Looking at the bright side, it was a very memorable experience though fairly expensive...(My steak= RM50+ , friend's steak= RM80+ !) And all this just for lunch!

However, the food was still really good. Just tha
t next time I'm there, I'll remember about that '100gm' thing. You should too!

For the love of Meat...


okiewhat said...

RM80+ for a GOOOOOOD piece of steak is pretty decent what... of course the emphasis is on GOOOOOOD.... so the question is.. was the steak GOOOOOOD? :p

SHE EATS said...

haha..that's true...that's why i'm not complaining cos the steak is still cheaper than other places plus it was REALLY GOOD! just that we were not expecting to pay so much initially, so it came as a shock!