Thursday, March 11, 2010

SS2 Roadside Yong Tau Foo

Have always been extremely curious about this tiny stall by the roadside. Situated by the side of one of the main roads at SS2, very small, but ALWAYS PACKED!

Was rounding round and round and couldn't decide what to eat for dinner. Passed by this
stall and was thinking, "Ok...why not tonight?" Finally. Was quite excited actually!

Self-service- Take your pick!

Kangkung in a bucket. Nothing like some greens to
freshen up the place.....and plate.

My picks- Kangkung, Chee Cheong Fun, Fresh Beancurd, Fried
Beancurd Skin, Pork Balls & Fried Beancurd Skin Stuffed with Minced Pork

Honestly, there were not that many choices to choose from. The taste? Not bad...

Had higher expectations cos the place was so packed all the time. After 10 minutes of sitting down, the place started filling up with people!

Many, many people!

Curry Laksa

The Curry Laksa was quite bland. Curry was not thick and aromatic enough. The sambal (chili paste)- as seen on the spoon, was watery and rather tasteless. The only thing that was nice in the whole bowl was the cockles which were half raw and juicy.

But seriously, what is up with this place? I mean, I'm just amazed! The food is only A-ok but the crowd the stall pulls in is quite unbelievable.

'X' factor? Maybe, maybe.... or perhaps Malaysians just love having their food served with a whiff of 'longkang' (drain) aroma...

Think about it. Most popular food sites here are by the drains or sewage systems..... and no one is complaining!

* No exact address but if you ask around the regulars of SS2, they'll be able to tell you the exact location.


PeckWm said...

Near to which restaurant / shop??
Any landmark?

SHE EATS said...

mmm...if i'm not mistaken, it's opposite this shop which is behind the Pelita mamak. The yong tau foo stall is right beside a house by the roadside. You'll definitely see it around dinner time cos of the crowd!