Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Bread Shop

That was a much needed break. Now, time to share the gluttony L.O.V.E again.

Chelle brought the all-girls troop to this bread joint. As usual, she was a hopeless GPS and we lost our way during the drive. Perhaps it was the trail of delicious baking bread that our nose tracked and we got there eventually (HALLELUJAH!).

It was an intense pleasure to be greeted by freshly-baked bread and it made the stomach do a jungle dance.

Gotta love the loaf...

We is lovin' those industrial lights...

Loved the concept, loved the deco. So raw and industrial that it's surprising to see the workers clad in normal clothes and not their blue jumpsuits.

We had:

Tomato & Basil Dip

Tomatoes were nicely done. Not too mushy and still had a bit of structure to it. Tasted slightly tangy and the basil gave a nice earthy touch. Was a really good first dish to make us hopeful for the others. The portion is rather tiny though and seeing we have to share it between the 4 of us while waiting for the other orders, we were RAVENOUS by the time.

Not a nice feeling at all. Boo!

Curry Chicken Dip

Not one of our favorites for that day. Curry was too watery, not spicy and it didn't taste like curry at all! A bit disappointed with this. However, Chelle said she tried this dish another day and it was much better. A lil' inconsistency here, ey?

This was the week's special- Breakfast Danish. A choice of beef pastrami or smoked chicken and poached egg on a crispy danish with tomato relish on the side.

It looks really interesting and I was totally excited to try this! The verdict? Mmm..not bad.. but expected better.

We chose the beef pastrami and it was a bit tough. Took a bit of skill to cut it through. The danish was nothing to shout about as well. tomato relish was yummy but tastes suspiciously very much like the Tomato & Basil Dip.

Roast Beef Ciabatta

Once again, bread was good but beef was tough.

And after all that, we finally had their famous scones...

THE Famous Scones

Oooohhh...!! The scones were DEE-LEE-SIOS! Buttery, creamy, warm and soft with good ol' raspberry jam and fresh cream...it was lovely... (mmm..reminiscing that very moment when I took the first bite).

Though it was quite a mouthful for me even with just half a scone, was greedy and ate the other half. Definitely not a good idea as the richness of ONE FULL SCONE made me insanely full and I felt like gagging after that.

It was good though. I LOVE SCONES (been missing those scones in Cameron Highlands).

All in all, The Bread Shop is worth a visit. The minimalist concept is definitely eye-catching and unlike any other cafes here in KL. They bake crazy good bread and even crazier better scones. The main courses are so-so only but it's a nice place to take a chill-pill and grab that evil cup of latte!

The Pong sisters lovin' the place...

The Bread Shop
11, Jalan Setiakasih 5,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03- 2093 8734

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday (8am-7.30pm), Saturday (8am-5pm). Closed on Sundays.

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